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Pitco Frialator

Crisp N'Hold Food Station

Hold French fries, crispy chicken tenders and more! Gentle hot air circulation over and through the product maintains crispness while keeping food hot and ready to serve! Reduce food waste by extending the hold time up to four times longer than traditional methods, such as heat lamps and enclosed holding cabinets. Floor models can be used in a Solstice Fryer battery to keep food products crispy, hot and ready to serve!

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
PCC-14 Counter Model, 1 Divider 1 $ 3,297.46 Ea. Add to Basket
PCC-18 Counter Model, 2 Dividers 1 $ 3,394.36 Ea. Add to Basket
PCC-28 Counter Model, 3 Dividers 1 $ 4,336.56 Ea. Add to Basket
PCF-14 Floor Model, 1 Divider 1 $ 4,040.74 Ea. Add to Basket
PCF-18 Floor Model, 2 Dividers 1 $ 4,137.64 Ea. Add to Basket

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