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San Jamar

UltiGrips® Oven Mitts & Hot Pads

Repels stains and provides superior grip ability in hot or cold applications. Go from freezer to oven, protecting hands from temperatures -109°F to 500°F for 15 seconds. Made of a non-slip, textured neoprene material with Kevlar® stitching for extra durability. WebGuard™ provides extra heat protection between thumb and forefinger. Dishwasher safe. Hot pads available in 5.5", 7" or 10" and oven mitts available in conventional and puppet-style.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
HO1000 Magnetic Hand Safety Organizer, 18"x2" 1 $ 12.91 Ea. Add to Basket
UCMX13BK UltiGrips® Conventional Mitt 13" 1 $ 16.49 Ea. Add to Basket
UCMX15BK UltiGrips® Conventional Mitt 15" 1 $ 17.92 Ea. Add to Basket
UCMX17BK UltiGrips® Conventional Mitt 17" 1 $ 19.36 Ea. Add to Basket
UHP1010BK UltiGrips® Hot Pad, 10"x10" 1 $ 15.06 Ea. Add to Basket
UHP55BK UltiGrips® Hot Pad, 5.5"x5.5" 1 $ 9.65 Ea. Add to Basket
UHP77BK UltiGrips® Hot Pad, 7"x7" 1 $ 10.04 Ea. Add to Basket
UPM15BK UltiGrips® Puppet Mitt 15" 1 $ 15.06 Ea. Add to Basket
UPM17BK UltiGrips® Puppet Mitt 17" 1 $ 16.49 Ea. Add to Basket

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