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Embossed Serving Trays

Add a touch of class to your next event when you serve appetizers or the main platter on these embossed serving trays. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to perfectly complement the tone of your next catered event. Chrome-plated and new stainless steel trays available in traditional and modern designs.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
CT-1510V 15"x10" Oval, Chrome-Plated 12 $ 4.39 Ea. Add to Basket
CT-1712C 17"x12" Octagonal, Chrome-Plated 12 $ 7.77 Ea. Add to Basket
CT-1812B 18"x12" Oblong, Chrome-Plated 12 $ 8.30 Ea. Add to Basket
CT-1813H 18"x13" Oblong, Chrome-Plated 12 $ 9.65 Ea. Add to Basket
CT-1813V 18"x13" Oval, Chrome Plated Tray 12 $ 6.90 Ea. Add to Basket
CT-2014B 20"x14" Oblong, Chrome-Plated 12 $ 10.93 Ea. Add to Basket
CT-2014C 20"x14" Octagonal, Chrome-Plated 12 $ 9.43 Ea. Add to Basket
SST-12R 12" Round, Stainless Steel 12 $ 5.21 Ea. Add to Basket
SST-14R 14" Round, Stainless Steel 12 $ 7.16 Ea. Add to Basket
SST-16R 16" Round, Stainless Steel 12 $ 9.03 Ea. Add to Basket

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