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Oneida Hospitality Group

FPS-Plus™ Shelving Accessories

Shelf Dividers keep your shelves well organized and orderly with 8"H dividers. Easy-to-remove shelf divider brackets fit securely over FPS-Plus™ shelf panels. NSF. Shelf Ledges help promote safety in your operation by keeping items from protruding or falling from shelves. Fit back or sides of shelving units. Can be used separately or in tandem for complete post-to-post containment. Stackable for additional height and security. NSF.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
FBL304FPS 30"x4" Back Ledge 4 $ 13.00 Ea. Add to Basket
FBL364FPS 36"x4" Back Ledge 4 $ 14.98 Ea. Add to Basket
FBL484FPS 48"x4" Back Ledge 4 $ 20.63 Ea. Add to Basket
FBL604FPS 60"x4" Back Ledge 4 $ 24.01 Ea. Add to Basket
FSD188FPS 18"x8"H Shelf Divider 4 $ 12.72 Ea. Add to Basket
FSD248FPS 24"x8"H Shelf Divider 4 $ 16.67 Ea. Add to Basket
FSL184FPS 18"x4" Side Ledge 4 $ 11.02 Ea. Add to Basket
FSL214FPS 21"x4" Side Ledge 4 $ 11.28 Ea. Add to Basket
FSL244FPS 24"x4" Side Ledge 4 $ 11.86 Ea. Add to Basket

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