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San Jamar

Saf-T-Ice® Tote & Guardian System™

Ice Totes feature a HACCP Hanger™ that allows users to hang the Saf-T-Ice® Tote off any ice bin! Raising the tote off the ground keeps the bottom surface clean and eases back strain by bringing the tote up to waist level while filling. The Tri-grip™ design makes pouring easier, and more controlled. Four sizes of Saf-T-Ice Scoop® & Guardian™ Systems available—6-10 oz., 12-16 oz., 20-24 oz., and 64-86 oz. Dishwasher safe. NSF.

Model Description Case
SI5000 Guardian Sys w/6-10 oz. Scoop, Hldr & Mnt'g 1 Ea.
SI5500 6-10 oz. Saf-T-Scoop 1 Ea.
SI6000 Saf-T-Ice Tote, 6 Gal. 2 Ea.
SI6100 Shorty Saf-T-Ice Tote, 5 Gal. 2 Ea.
SI6500 Safe-T-Ice Tote Snap-Tight Lid 1 Ea.
SI7000 Guardian Sys w/12-16 oz. Scoop, Hldr & Mnt'g 1 Ea.
SI7500 12-16 oz. Saf-T-Scoop 1 Ea.
SI7700 Guardian Sys w/20-24 oz. Scoop, Hldr & Mnt'g 1 Ea.
SI7750 20-24 oz. Saf-T-Scoop 1 Ea.
SI9000 Guardian Sys w/64-86 oz. Scoop, Hldr & Mnt'g 1 Ea.
SI9500 64-86 oz. Saf-T-Scoop 1 Ea.

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