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Chef Bases

Accommodate all brands of countertop cooking equipment. Oversized, environmentally friendly refrigeration system holds 33°F to 38°F. Exterior mounted digital temperature monitor. Chef base top is made of one-piece reinforced stainless steel with drip guard. Interior NSF approved white aluminum liner, coved corners, and stainless steel floor.

Model Description Case
TRCB-110 30 1/2"x20 3/8 "x110"L, 6 Drawer 1 Ea.
TRCB-52 32 1/8"x20 3/8"x51 7/8"L, 2 Drawers 1 Ea.
TRCB-72 32 1/8"x20 3/8"x72 1/8"L, 4 Drawers 1 Ea.
TRCB-79 30 1/2"x20 3/8"x79 1/4"L, 4 Drawer 1 Ea.
TRCB-79-86 30 1/2"x20 3/8"x86 1/4"L, 4 Drawer 1 Ea.
TRCB-82 32 1/8"x20 3/8"x82 3/8"L, 4 Drawers 1 Ea.

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