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Refrigerated Display Cases

Open air merchandisers provide industry-leading value and flexibility to fit almost any space requirement. All models share a common depth so they may be easily interchanged. Models HOAM48 and VOAM48-79 shown. Standard features include: • LED canopy lighting for optimum product display. • Electronic controller systems for reliable performance. • Larger pack-out space than many models of similar size. • Meets 2017 Department of Energy standards.

Model Description Case
HOAM36 Horizontal, 36"Wx34"Dx46"H 1 Ea.
HOAM48 Horizontal, 48"Wx34"Dx46"H 1 Ea.
HOAM60 Horizontal, 60"Wx34"Dx46"H 1 Ea.
HOAM72 Horizontal, 72"Wx34"Dx46"H 1 Ea.
VOAM36-60 Vertical, 36"Wx34"Dx60"H 1 Ea.
VOAM36-72 Vertical, 36"Wx34"Dx72"H 1 Ea.
VOAM36-79 Vertical, 36"Wx34"Dx79"H 1 Ea.
VOAM48-60 Vertical, 48"Wx34"Dx60"H 1 Ea.
VOAM48-72 Vertical, 48"Wx34"Dx72"H 1 Ea.
VOAM48-79 Vertical, 48"Wx34"Dx79"H 1 Ea.
VOAM60-60 Vertical, 60"Wx34"Dx60"H 1 Ea.
VOAM60-72 Vertical, 60"Wx34"Dx72"H 1 Ea.
VOAM60-79 Vertical, 60"Wx34"Dx79"H 1 Ea.
VOAM72-60 Vertical, 72"Wx34"Dx60"H 1 Ea.
VOAM72-72 Vertical, 72"Wx34"Dx72"H 1 Ea.
VOAM72-79 Vertical, 72"Wx34"Dx79"H 1 Ea.

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