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Vertical Cutter Mixers

All stainless steel single motor-base units with a bowl attachment are designed to chop, puree, blend, mix and knead dough faster, stronger, smoother, better! Adjustable 3-blade knife assembly gives equal results for small or large batches. Easily removable bowl, cover and blade assembly for quick and thorough cleaning. Polycarbonate lid designed to allow the addition of liquids or ingredients during processing. Digital timer for better preparation control. Choose from 8 to 60-quart capacities. One year parts & labor warranty.

Model Description Case
R10 10 Qt. 1 Ea.
R23T 23 Qt. 1 Ea.
R30T 30 Qt. 1 Ea.
R45T 45 Qt. 1 Ea.
R60T 60 Qt. 1 Ea.
R8 8 Qt. 1 Ea.

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