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Economy & Medium Duty Slicers

C-Series slicers are an economical alternative for operations with limited slicing requirements, kitchen space and/or budget. For operations that slice 2 hours or less per day, the economy line of slicers is a great choice. G-Series slicers are designed for operations with moderate volume slicing needs. These compact slicers have a proven track record of being solid performers without sacrificing valuable workspace. 1-year parts & labor warranty. Model C12 shown. Save prep time, labor, and food costs, while ensuring all meats and cheese are cut uniformly.

Model Description Case
C10 10" Knife, ¼ HP (Economy Compact Manual) 1 Ea.
C12 12" Knife, ⅓ HP (Economy Compact Manual) 1 Ea.
C9 9" Knife, ¼ HP (Economy Compact Manual) 1 Ea.
G10 10" Knife, ⅓ HP (Medium Duty) 1 Ea.
G12 12" Knife,½ HP (Medium Duty) 1 Ea.
G14 14" Knife,½ HP (Medium Duty) 1 Ea.
GC512 12" Knife, 1/3HP 1 Ea.

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