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Y Series — Mechanical Portion Control Scales

Feature rustproof mechanism with anodized aluminum chassis, stainless steel platform and bezel. Temperature compensated spring for use in walk-in’s. Rotating dial, available on most models, simplify multiple ingredient weighing. Color-coded lens identify scale capacity “at-a-glance”. Available in 32oz, 5-lb, 25-lb, 50-lb also in metric. NSF. • Scale: 6-1/4”x6-5/8”x8-5/8” • Platform: 6”x4-5/8” Platform may be used as a handle without damaging the internal mechanism.

Model Description Case
FGY16R 16 oz x 1/8 oz, Rotating Yellow Dial, NSF 1 Ea.
FGY32R 32 oz x 1/4 oz, Rotating Orange Dial, NSF 1 Ea.
FGYG1000R 1000 g x 5 g, Rotating White Dial, NSF 1 Ea.
FGYG180R 5 lb x 1/2 oz, Rotating Green Dial, NSF 1 Ea.
FGYG425R 25 lb x 2 oz, Rotating Blue Dial, NSF 1 Ea.
FGYG450R 50 lb x 4 oz, Rotating Red Dial, NSF 1 Ea.
FGYG500R 500 g x 2 g, Rotating White Dial, NSF 1 Ea.

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