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Kattex Fruit & Vegetable Slicers

Developed for the rigors and challenges of the commercial kitchen, Kattex slicers and cutters come with stainless steel blades and are of aluminum construction. Choose from either the Fruit & Vegetable Slicer, the Fruit Wedge Slicer, the Onion Slicer, the Chopper/Dicer, Tomato Slicer, or the Quick Slice French Fry Cutter! With sturdiness and versatility in mind, Fruit Wedge Slicers, Onion Slicers, and Choppers/Dicers come in different cut sizes and have the option of additional sized blades.

Model Description Case
FVS-1 Fruit & Vegetable Adjustable Slicer 1 Ea.
FWS-6 Fruit Wedge Slicer, 6-Section 2 Ea.
FWS-8 Fruit Wedge Slicer, 8-Section 2 Ea.
HCD-250 Chopper/Dicer 1/4" 2 Ea.
HCD-375 Chopper/Dicer 3/8" 2 Ea.
HCD-500 Chopper/Dicer 1/2" 2 Ea.
HFC-250 French Fry Cutter 1/4" 2 Set
HFC-375 French Fry Cutter 3/8" 2 Set
HFC-500 French Fry Cutter 1/2" 2 Set
OS-188 Onion Slicer 3/16" 2 Ea.
OS-250 Onion Slicer 1/4" 2 Ea.
TLC-1 Lettuce Cutter 2 Ea.
TTS-188 Tomato Slicer 3/16" 1 Set
TTS-188S Tomato Slicer, Serrated, 3/16" 1 Set
TTS-250 Tomato Slicer 1/4" 1 Set
TTS-250S Tomato Slicer, Serrated, 1/4" 1 Set

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