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TRS Vegetable Cutter-Slicers

Unique vegetable cutter-slicers are known for their cutting edge technology of quality, speed, and performance. The TRS vegetable and fruit slicer is able to slice, shred, grate, and dice up to 1,212 lbs. per hour. Easy to clean—all parts that come into contact with food are dishwasher safe. Select from a wide range of over 40 stainless steel slicing discs and dicing grids to produce more than 80 different cuts.

Model Description Case
603800 TRS22NU, 1 speed, 370W, 1/2 HP (discs not included) 1 Ea.
603801 TRS23NU, 1 speed, 500W, 2/3 HP (discs not included) 1 Ea.
603802 TRS24NU, 1 speed, 750W, 1 HP (discs not included) 1 Ea.
603803 TRSNU, 2 speed, 750W, 1 HP (discs not included) 1 Ea.
650051 Slicing Blade w/Pusher, 10mm 1 Ea.
653568 Dicing Grid, 10mm (use with #650051) 1 Ea.
653733 Slicing Blade, 5mm 1 Ea.
653745 Julienne Blade, 4x4mm 1 Ea.
653775 Grating Blade, 4mm 1 Ea.

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