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Signature Chef Apparel

Keep your staff looking sharp with Signature Chef apparel from Winco. Poly-cotton blend chef clothing is designed to absorb or wick away moisture, ensuring your staff stays dry as they work in a hot kitchen. Choose long sleeve chef jackets for the best coverage and short sleeve shirts for increased airflow. Lightweight chef pants are designed to withstand repeated washing and are available in black or houndstooth.

Model Description Case
UNF-1KL Chef Shirt, Black, L 24 Ea.
UNF-1KM Chef Shirt, Black, M 24 Ea.
UNF-1KS Chef Shirt, Black, S 24 Ea.
UNF-1KXL Chef Shirt, Black, XL 24 Ea.
UNF-1KXXL Chef Shirt, Black, 2X 24 Ea.
UNF-1WL Chef Shirt, White, L 24 Ea.
UNF-1WM Chef Shirt, White, M 24 Ea.
UNF-1WS Chef Shirt, White, S 24 Ea.
UNF-1WXL Chef Shirt, White, XL 24 Ea.
UNF-1WXXL Chef Shirt, White, 2X 24 Ea.
UNF-2KL Chef Pant, Black, L 24 Ea.
UNF-2KM Chef Pant, Black, M 24 Ea.
UNF-2KS Chef Pant, Black, S 24 Ea.
UNF-2KXL Chef Pant, Black, XL 24 Ea.
UNF-2KXXL Chef Pant, Black, 2X 24 Ea.
UNF-4KL Chef Pant, Houndstooth, L 24 Ea.
UNF-4KM Chef Pant, Houndstooth, M 24 Ea.
UNF-4KS Chef Pant, Houndstooth, S 24 Ea.
UNF-4KXL Chef Pant, Houndstooth, XL 24 Ea.
UNF-4KXXL Chef Pant, Houndstooth, 2X 24 Ea.
UNF-5KL Chef Jacket, Black, L 24 Ea.
UNF-5KM Chef Jacket, Black, M 24 Ea.
UNF-5KS Chef Jacket, Black, S 24 Ea.
UNF-5KXL Chef Jacket, Black, XL 24 Ea.
UNF-5KXXL Chef Jacket, Black, 2X 24 Ea.
UNF-5WL Chef Jacket, White, L 24 Ea.
UNF-5WM Chef Jacket, White, M 24 Ea.
UNF-5WS Chef Jacket, White, S 24 Ea.
UNF-5WXL Chef Jacket, White, XL 24 Ea.
UNF-5WXXL Chef Jacket, White, 2X 24 Ea.

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