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Commercial Juice Presses & Citrus Squeezers

Whether it's a glass of orange juice or lime juice for a refreshing margarita, Focus commercial juice presses or hand-held citrus squeezers produce the sweetest juice possible. Jupiter™ and Olympus™ cast iron tabletop juicers are available in black and white. Opti-Squeezers will produce the maximum amount of juice for any hand-held squeezer, using 50% less effort to do it.

Model Description Case
8927 Opti-Squeeze Lemon 6 Ea.
8928 Opti-Squeeze Lime 6 Ea.
8929 Opti-Squeeze Orange 6 Ea.
97302 Olympus X-Large, White 2 Ea.
97306 Olympus X-Large, Black 2 Ea.
97332 Jupiter, White 2 Ea.
97336 Jupiter, Black 2 Ea.

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