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Walco Stainless

Ironstone Holloware

The popular upscale Classic 17th century hammered design is now available in a beautiful holloware collection. The dimpling texture creates a sparkling appearance and hides fingerprints. Choose from a variety of bowls, trays, risers, and more!

Model Description Case
VCBH12 Double Wall Champagne Bucket w/Holder 1 Ea.
VCBS11 Double Wall Champagne Bucket w/Stand 1 Ea.
VCC14 Double Wall Champagne Cooler 12 Ea.
VMA475 Double Wall Angled Bowl, 4.75"x3.25" 12 Ea.
VMA600 Double Wall Angled Bowl, 6"x4" 12 Ea.
VMA975 Double Wall Angled Bowl, 9.75"x5.25" 8 Ea.
VMS2245 Sushi Tray 22" 6 Ea.
VMS2645 Sushi Tray 26" 6 Ea.
VMT150 Double Wall Triangle Platter, 15"x13.5" 6 Ea.
VS1120 Square Buffet Risers, 4 pc. 1 Ea.
VS2326 Square Buffet Risers, 2 pc. 1 Ea.
VT15 Amenity Tray, 10-3/4"x6-5/8"x1/2" 30 Ea.
VTSM16 Bar Tray w/Silicone Mat, 15-1/2" Dia. 10 Ea.

* indicates items on special