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AlumaTux Specialty Collection

Not only is this collection ideal for fine dining and banquet halls, but also for those operators that want a more durable, light-weight and upscale product that can take the abuse of a fast-paced restaurant environment without breaking their budget. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes.

Model Description Case
AMU-041 Soup Bowl, 9 ½ oz., 4 ⅜"LxWx2 ⅛"H 36 Doz.
AMU-045 Stacking Bowl, 12 oz., 5 ⅛"LxWx1 ⅞"H 24 Doz.
AMU-046 Stackable Bouillon, 8 ½ oz., 4 ⅛"LxWx2"H 24 Doz.
AMU-104 Sugar Packet Holder, 3-1/4"Lx2-1/2"Wx2"H, 3 ¼"Lx2 ½”Wx2"H 12 Doz.
AMU-106 Square Creamer (Fit AMU-557), 3 oz., 3 ¼"Lx2 ⅞"Wx2 ½”H 12 Doz.
AMU-150 C-Handle Mug, 12 oz., 5"Lx3 ⅜"Wx4"H 24 Doz.
AMU-400 Supreme Bowl, 38 oz., 10 ⅝"LxWx1 ⅝"H 12 Doz.
AMU-401 Supreme Bowl, 48 oz., 11 ½”LxWx1 ⅞"H 12 Doz.
AMU-402 Capistrano Bowl, 10 oz., 7"Lx5 ½”Wx2 ½”H 12 Doz.
AMU-403 Capistrano Bowl, 20 oz., 8"Lx6 ½”Wx3"H 12 Doz.
AMU-404 Capistrano Bowl, 40 oz., 10"Lx8 ¼"Wx3 ⅝"H 12 Doz.
AMU-405 Ellipse Bowl, 8 oz., 7"Lx6 ⅝"Wx2 ¼"H 12 Doz.
AMU-407 Slant Bowl, 12 oz., 7"LxWx3 ⅜"H 12 Doz.
AMU-408 Slant Bowl, 22 oz., 8 ½”LxWx4 ¼"H 12 Doz.
AMU-409 Slant Bowl, 35 oz., 10"LxWx5"H 12 Doz.
AMU-410 Spiral Salad Bowl, 14 oz., 10 ¾"LxWx2 ½”H 12 Doz.
AMU-500 Square Plate, 11 ⅛"Lx11 ⅛"Wx1 ⅜"H 12 Doz.
AMU-502 Square Plate (Fit AMU-503), 5 ⅝"Lx5 ⅝"Wx⅝"H 24 Doz.
AMU-503 Square Tray, 12 ¾"Lx12 ¾"Wx1"H 12 Doz.
AMU-550 Rectangular Plate w/Tapered Ends, 16"Lx8"Wx1"H 12 Doz.
AMU-551 Rectangular Plate w/Tapered Ends, 14"Lx4"Wx¾"H 12 Doz.
AMU-552 Rectangular Plate w/Tapered Ends, 14"Lx5 ⅞"Wx¾"H 12 Doz.
AMU-553 Rectangular Plate w/Tapered Ends, 14"Lx8"Wx¾"H 12 Doz.
AMU-554 Rectangular Plate w/2 Comp., 13 ½”Lx3 ⅞"Wx1 ⅛"H 12 Doz.
AMU-555 3 Comp. Rectangular Plate, 13"Lx4 ¼"Wx1 ¼"H 12 Doz.
AMU-557 4 Comp. Rectangular Plate, 12 ¾"Lx1 ⅜"Wx¾"H 12 Doz.
AMU-558 Rectangular Platter Coupe, 12 ⅞"Lx8 ⅛"Wx1 ¼"H 12 Doz.
AMU-650 Ellipse Plate, 8 ½”Lx6 ⅞"Wx1 ⅜"H 24 Doz.
AMU-760 Stackable Ramekin (Fit AMU-554), 3 oz., 2 ½”LxWx1 ¾"H 24 Doz.
AMU-761 Square Ramekin (Fit AMU-557), 3 oz., 2 ⅛"Lx2 ⅛"Wx2 ½”H 24 Doz.
ATU-005 Plate Narrow Rim, 9"LxWx⅞"H 24 Doz.
AVT-151 Mug Embossed, 8 oz., 4 ¼"Lx2 ⅞"Wx4 ⅛"H 24 Doz.

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