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Bamboo Picks

When operating in the foodservice industry, informing your customers that your products may contain potential or common allergenic ingredients will keep them happy, healthy and increase the chances they will come back just purely out of trust. Eco-friendly Bamboo Picks slide easily into food products that may have ingredients that are risky for certain customers to eat. Knot or Fork Picks work great for keeping sandwiches and other stackable entrees together. Choose from Allergy, Gluten-Free, Knot, Paddle and Fork Picks.

Model Description Case
BAMF35 Fork Pick, 3-1/2" 12 Pk.
BAMK35 Knot Pick, 3-1/2" 12 Pk.
BAMK45 Knot Pick, 4-1/2" 12 Pk.
BAMK7 Knot Pick, 7" 12 Pk.
BAML35 Card Holder Pick, 3-1/2" 12 Pk.
BAML45 Card Holder Pick, 4-1/2" 12 Pk.
BAMP35 Paddle Pick, 3-1/2" 12 Pk.
BAMP35G Paddle Gluten-Free Pick, 3-1/2" 12 Pk.
BAMP45 Paddle Pick, 4-1/2" 12 Pk.
BAMP45A Paddle Allergy Pick, 4-1/2" 12 Pk.
BAMP5G Paddle Gluten-Free Pick, 5" 12 Pk.
BAMP7 Paddle Pick, 7" 12 Pk.

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