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Classic Standard Tabletop Cardholders

Classic standard tabletop cardholders. Comes in 14 sizes to fit your needs. Made out of clear acrylic to display your specials, menus and much more. Easily Customizable.

Model Description Case
500 4.5"W x .25"D x 3.5H 24 Ea.
521 4.25"W x .25"D x 5.5H 24 Ea.
523 4.5"W x 2.25"D x 6.5H 24 Ea.
524 5.5"W x 2.5"D x 8.5H 24 Ea.
526 8.5"W x .25"D x 11H 12 Ea.
532 4"W x .25"D x 6H 24 Ea.
537 4"W x .25"D x 8H 24 Ea.
538 5"W x .25"D x 7H 24 Ea.
591 2.25"W x .25"D x 2.25H 48 Ea.
P406 4"W x 1"D x 7H 48 Ea.

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