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Healthcare Dining Collection

With comfort, function and style in mind, G.E.T.’s new healthcare series features elegant design, excellent heat insulation for hot meals, and a great selection of dinnerware, tumblers and lids. All dinnerware is break-resistant and commercial dishwasher safe. Models shown—RST1520BK, HCR91BK, HCR90BK, DD80CL/Lid-55601, HCR94BK, 2209-1CL/Lid-22091/22121.

Model Description Case
2206-1- Tumbler, NSF, 6 oz. (Clear, Blue, Jade, Red) 6 Doz.
2209-1- Tumbler, NSF, 9 oz. (Clear, Blue, Jade, Red) 6 Doz.
2212-1- Tumbler, NSF, 12 oz. (Clear, Blue, Jade, Red) 6 Doz.
DD-50- Dessert Dish, 5 oz. (Clear, Black, Blue, Pink) 4 Doz.
DD-60- Dessert Dish, 6 oz. (Clear, Black, Blue, Pink) 4 Doz.
DD-70- Dessert Dish, 13 oz. (Clear only) 4 Doz.
DD-80- Dessert Bowl, 10 oz. (Clear only) 4 Doz.
HCR-90- Insulated Dome Cover, Black (for HCR91) 1 Doz.
HCR-91- Insulated Base for Heated 9" Plate 1 Doz.
HCR-92- Insulated Bowl, Black, 5 oz. 4 Doz.
HCR-93- Insulated Bowl, Black, 8 oz. 4 Doz.
HCR-94- Insulated Bowl, Black, 9 oz. 4 Doz.
HCR-95- Insulated Cup, Black, 8 oz. 4 Doz.
LID-22061- Lid for 2206 (Clear) 1000 Cs.
LID-22091/22121- Lid for 2209 & 2212 (Clear) 1000 Cs.
LID-55601- Lid for DD60 & DD80 (Clear) 1000 Cs.

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