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Hammered Portion Servers & Buffetware

Designed as a stylish solution for controlling portions and reducing waste, the hammered portioned servers are the perfect solution for use on any buffet line. And, our 18/8 buffetware will complement the portioned servers with its sturdy handle and hammered pattern adding visual appeal to any dining room. Heavy weight Buffetware is more durable and rust-resistant than alternative options, while the Portion Servers make it easy to control the size of each serving helping you to make the most profit from your efforts.

Model Description Case
HM10SL Slotted Spoon, 10"L 12 Ea.
HM10SPO Solid Spoon, 10"L 12 Ea.
HM11CMF Cold Meat Fork, 11"L 12 Ea.
HM11FK Two-Tined Fork, 11"L 12 Ea.
HM12NOT Notched Spoon, 12"L 12 Ea.
HM12PAS Pastry Server, 11"L 12 Ea.
HM12PIE Pie Server, 12"L 12 Ea.
HM12SL Slotted Spoon, 12"L 12 Ea.
HM12SOL Solid Spoon, 12"L 12 Ea.
HM14KN Serrated Knife, 14"L 12 Ea.
HM1LAD Ladle, 9"L, 1 oz. 12 Ea.
HM6TNG Serving Tongs, 6"L 12 Ea.
HM8TNG Serving Tong, 8"L 12 Ea.
HM9SPN Spoon, 9-1/2"L 12 Ea.
HMMS10 Portioned Server, 1 Cup, 14"L 12 Ea.
HMMS12 Portioned Server, 1/2 Cup, 13"L 12 Ea.
HMMS13 Portioned Server, 1/3 Cup, 12.75"L 12 Ea.
HMMS14 Portioned Server, 1/4 Cup, 12"L 12 Ea.
HMMS18 Portioned Server, 1/8 Cup, 11.5"L 12 Ea.

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