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Compartment Trays

Sloping compartment walls allow trays to dry quickly and also give the appearance of larger servings. Easy grip handles ensure a better grip. Camwear® polycarbonate construction guaranteed against breakage for 2 years. Two trays fit side by side in standard 20"x20" dishrack. 1596/915CW colors: Sherwood Green, Red, Beige, Teal, Blue, Cranberry, Navy, Black, and Translucent Blue. 10146CW colors: Navy, Cranberry, Yellow, Sherwood Green, Beige, and Black. Beige and Black trays NSF listed.

Model Description Case
10146CW110 10x14 6-Comp., Black 24 Ea.
10146CW119 10x14 6-Comp., Shrgn 24 Ea.
10146CW133 10x14 6-Comp., Beige 24 Ea.
10146CW145 10x14 6-Comp., Yellow 24 Ea.
10146CW186 10x14 6-Comp., Nvybl 24 Ea.
10146CW416 10x14 6-Comp., Crnby 24 Ea.
1596CW110 2x2 15x9, Black 24 Ea.
1596CW119 2x2 15x9, Shrgn 24 Ea.
1596CW133 2x2 15x9, Beige 24 Ea.
1596CW168 2x2 15x9, Blue 24 Ea.
1596CW186 2x2 15x9, Nvybl 24 Ea.
1596CW404 2x2 15x9, Red 24 Ea.
1596CW414 2x2 15x9. Teal 24 Ea.
1596CW416 2x2 15x9, Crnby 24 Ea.
1596CW431 2x2 15x9, Trnbl 24 Ea.
915CW110 2x2 8-3/4x15, Black 24 Ea.
915CW119 2x2 8-3/4x15, Shrgn 24 Ea.
915CW133 2x2 8-3/4x15, Beige 24 Ea.
915CW168 2x2 8-3/4x15, Blue 24 Ea.
915CW186 2x2 8-3/4x15, Nvybl 24 Ea.
915CW404 2x2 8-3/4x15, Red 24 Ea.
915CW414 2x2 8-3/4x15, Teal 24 Ea.
915CW416 2x2 8-3/4x15, Crnby 24 Ea.
915CW431 2x2 8-3/4x15, Trnbl 24 Ea.

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