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Mr. Dudley Peppermills, Salt Grinders & Salt Shakers

´╗┐Trusted for over 50 years, Mr. Dudley peppermills have enjoyed wide acceptance from consumers and restaurateurs alike. Choose from a variety of products available in clear acrylic, stainless steel, and three wood finishes (matte black, natural, walnut).

Model Description Case
MrD3148 Majesty Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD3149 Majesty Saltmill 1 Ea.
MrD3150 Tempo Combo Peppermill & Salt Shaker 1 Ea.
MrD4240/2 Silver Echo SS Peppermill/Salt Shaker 1 Ea.
MrD5060/2 Set of 2 Peppermill & Salt Shakers 1 Ea.
MrD7CS06PMB 6" Matte Black Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD7CS08PMB 8" Matte Black Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD7CS08PW 8" Walnut Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD7CS10PMB 10" Matte Black Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD7CS10PN 10" Natural Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD7CS10PW 10" Walnut Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD7CS12PMB 12" Matte Black Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD7CS12PN 12" Natural Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD7CS12PW 12" Walnut Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD7CS16PMB 16" Matte Black Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD7CS16PW 16" Walnut Peppermill 1 Ea.
MrD7XX06SMB 6" Matte Black Salt Shaker 1 Ea.
MrD8101 Kingston Salt Shaker 1 Ea.
MrD8105 Kingston Peppermill 1 Ea.

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