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Walco Stainless

The Soprano™ Collection by Walco

Classic Italianate holloware collection made of 18/10 stainless with a long lasting mirror finish. Features a true gooseneck spout preferred for total accuracy in pouring. Argon welds insure against leaks. Covers have durable five knuckle hinges that allow the covers to open a full 180°, lying completely flat during washing. Hollow handles protect user from handling hot beverages.

Model Description Case
CX511 Gooseneck Coffee, 70 oz. 1 Ea.
CX513 Gooseneck Coffee, 30 oz. 1 Ea.
CX514 Gooseneck Coffee, 18 oz. 1 Ea.
CX515 Gooseneck Coffee, 12 oz. 1 Ea.
CX519 Gooseneck Tea, 20 oz. 1 Ea.
CX520 Gooseneck Tea, 12 oz. 1 Ea.
CX522 Water Pitcher w/o Ice Guard, 70 oz. 1 Ea.
CX522G Water Pitcher w/Ice Guard, 70 oz. 1 Ea.
CX526 Creamer (No Lid), 12 oz. 1 Ea.
CX528 Creamer w/Handle (No Lid), 5 oz. 1 Ea.
CX528L Creamer w/Lid & Handle, 5 oz. 1 Ea.
CX528XH Creamer (No Lid/Handle), 5 oz. 1 Ea.
CX529 Sugar Bowl (No Lid), 10 oz. 1 Ea.
CX529L Sugar Bowl w/Lid, 10 oz. 1 Ea.
O-U301RM Sugar Packet Holder 1 Ea.
O-U315 Sauce Boat, 15 oz. 1 Ea.

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