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Mexican Restaurant Guest Checks

Mexican GuestChecks™ - The classic Restaurant GuestCheck™ with a Mexican twist:Friendly Spanish greetings: "Muchas Gracias!" and “Mi casa es su casa” on front and back. The rest of the check is in English. “Menu Prompt” reminds servers to suggest extra items: beverages, desserts, salads, and more. Add-on orders can increase sales by up to 40%. Mexican GuestChecks originate the order process in the restaurant and help control inventory and cash flow. Table diagrams help servers deliver the right items to the right people. Great training device—menu prompts and table diagrams help the server improve service. Our cardboard GuestChecks have lines on the back copy for beverages or additional food items.

Model Description Case
303SP Duplicate paper, interleaving carb, white 15 lines[3.4"x 6.75"]-Call for more information 50 Cs.
503SP Single board, white 16 lines [3.4"x 6.75"]-Call for more information 50 Cs.
903SP Duplicate paper, carbon-backed, white 15 lines [4.20"x 8.25"]-Call for more information 2500 Cs.

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