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Elevation Stands

Durable heavy duty wire stand with black semi-gloss finish. Added height makes buffet visually appealing while providing vertical serving space. Various adaptor plates allow you to use different sizes and shaped bowls. Double Wall Conical Stainless Steel Beverage Bin & Floor Stand (sold separately) makes a great complimentary piece to tabletop elevation stands—moves beverages off the tabletop leaving more room for food presentations/serving!

Model Description Case
46540 Staggered Style (Use w/46667, 46591) 1 Ea.
46541 Ladder Style (Use w/46667, 46591) 1 Ea.
46542 Adaptor Plate, Round, Med, 7" dia. (Use w/46666, 46591) 1 Ea.
46543 Adaptor Plate, Round, Sm, 5-1/2" dia. (Use w/46665, 46587) 1 Ea.
46545 Adaptor Plate, Square Lg, 7-3/8" (Use w/47674, 47634) 1 Ea.
46546 Adaptor Plate, Square Med, 6-1/4" (Use w/47672, 47632) 1 Ea.
46547 Adaptor Plate, Square Sm, 5-1/16" (Use w/47659, 47619) 1 Ea.
46548 Floor Stand for Beverage Bin 47225 1 Ea.
47225 Double Wall Beverage Bin, 21"x15 dia. 1 Ea.

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