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San Jamar

Chill-It Pans and Crocks

Insulated “Gel-Core” pans and crocks keep stored food items below the foodborne bacteria threshold of 41°F. Simply freeze overnight and use Chill-It pans or crocks to keep products cold in ambient room temperatures up to eight hours. San Jamar.

Model Description Case
CI7001WH 1/6 Pan, 52 oz. Cap.- WHITE 12 Ea.
CI7002WH 1/3 Divided Pan, 136 oz. Cap.-WHITE 6 Ea.
CI7003WH 1/3 Pan, 135 oz. Cap.- WHITE 6 Ea.
CI7004WH 1/2 Pan, 252 oz. Cap.- WHITE 2 Ea.
CI7015WH 2 qt. Crock, 64 oz. Cap. -WHITE 1 Ea.

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