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Liquid Wax Disposable Fuel Cells

The best liquid wax lamp fuel available—burns cleaner than solid wax candles. Non-staining and no melted wax mess. All Hollowick lamps can be used with disposable fuel cells. Sold by the case. True advertised burn hours! Safe to use on the tabletop and there are no shipping restrictions, storage limitations, or insurance worries. Labor saving—just place in lamp and light.

Model Description Case
HD12-144 12-Hr., 13/16"Hx1-31/32" Dia. 144 Cs.
HD12-72 12-Hr., 13/16"Hx1-31/32" Dia. 72 Cs.
HD17-12M 17-Hr., 1-1/2"Hx2" Dia. (Shelf Pks) 12 Cs.
HD18 18-Hr., 1-7/8"Hx2" Dia. (Sq. Bottom) 48 Cs.
HD2618-HL 18-Hr., 1-1/2"Hx2" Dia. (High Light) 60 Cs.
HD29 29-Hr., 5-3/8"Hx1-3/8" Dia. 36 Cs.
HD3622-HL 22-Hr., 1-3/4"Hx2-9/16" Dia. (High Light) 24 Cs.
HD36+SN 36-Hr. w/Snuffer, 1-3/4"Hx2-9/16" Dia 48 Cs.
HD37 37-Hr., 2-1/2"Hx2-1/4" Dia. (Sq. Bottom) 36 Cs.
HD42 42-Hr., 2-7/16"Hx2-3/8" Dia. 36 Cs.
HD4226-HL 26-Hr., 2-7/16"Hx2-3/8" Dia. (High Light) 36 Cs.
HD8-24M 8-Hr.,13/16"Hx1-1/2" Dia.(Shelf Pks) 24 Cs.

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