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Ramekins - SAN

Ideal for serving condiments, these ramekins have the look and feel of glass, but are made tough. Break-resistant SAN resists food chemicals and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Many shapes, sizes and colors are available to complement any setting.

Model Description Case
0360 Smooth Ramekin, 1.5 oz 6 Doz.
0360A Fluted Ramekin, 1 oz. (SAN) 4 Doz.
0361 2oz SAN Smooth-Sided Ramekin 6 Doz.
0361A Fluted Ramekin, 2 oz. (SAN) 4 Doz.
0362 Smooth Ramekin, 3 oz. 4 Doz.
0364 5oz SAN Smooth-Sided Ramekin 4 Doz.
0364A Fluted Ramekin, 4.5 oz. (SAN) 4 Doz.
0365 3oz SAN Smooth-Sided Ramekin 6 Doz.

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