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Unified Brands-Randell

Blast Chillers

Great for batch cooking applications, resulting in cost savings, better utilization of labor, and increased efficiency. With undercounter, worktop, and upright units from 30-200 lbs. cap., Randell Blast Chillers chill food safely exceeding HACCP guidelines. Automatic cooling system with food probes for accurate temperature control. Solid state control with digital read-outs for more accurate data collection. Dual stainless steel air flow plenums for easy cleaning.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
BC-18 1 Get Quote Ea. Add to Basket
BC-3* 27”W Undercounter 3 pan (30#) 1 Get Quote Ea. Add to Basket
BC5/10E Worktop/Undercounter, 10 pan (100#) 1 Get Quote Ea. Add to Basket

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