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Food Prep Units

Energy saving, environmentally friendly, forced-air refrigeration system holds 33°F to 41°F. Stainless steel front, top, and ends. Full set of 1/6 size, NSF, poly-carbonate insert pans included in condiment rail. Extra deep, 8" full-length removable white polyethylene cutting board. 3-years parts & labor; 5-year compressor warranty. Model TFP-32-12M-D-2 shown.

Model Description Case
TFP-32-12M 1 Door, 2 Shelves, 12-pan, 32-1/8"Lx31-1/2"Dx45-3/4"L 1 Ea.
TFP-32-12M-D-2 2 Drawer, 12-pan, 32-1/8"Lx31-1/2"Dx45-3/4"L 1 Ea.
TFP-48-18M 2 Door, 4 Shelves, 18-pan, 48-1/8"Lx31-1/2"Dx45-3/4"L 1 Ea.
TFP-48-18M-D-4 4 Drawer, 18-pan, 48-1/8"Lx31-1/2"Dx45-3/4"L 1 Ea.
TFP-64-24M 2 Door, 4 Shelves, 24-pans, 64-1/8"Lx31-1/2"Dx45-3/4"L 1 Ea.
TFP-64-24M-D-4 4 Drawer, 24-pan, 64-1/8"Lx31-1/2"Dx45-3/4"L 1 Ea.
TFP-72-30M 3 Door, 6 Shelves, 30-pan, 72-1/8"Lx31-1/2"Dx45-3/4"L 1 Ea.
TFP-72-30M-D-6 6 Drawer, 30-pan, 72-1/8"Lx31-1/2"Dx45-3/4"L 1 Ea.

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