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TS Series Prep Tables

Traulsen prep table's TempAssure air flow system circulates cold air around and underneath the pans, as well as lofting a protective blanket over the food surface, effectively insulating it from warm kitchen air. For you this means pans are held cold, making them ideal for preparing pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, salads, tacos, sushi, and everything in between. Model TS072HT shown. • All-day temperature performance to NSF7 requirements • Doesn't freeze product • No dried product • No ice/water clean-up • Holds 6"D pans • No pan stirring

Model Description Case
TS048HT 48", Holds (6) 1/3 Pans 1 Ea.
TS066HT 66", Holds (9) 1/3 Pans 1 Ea.
TS072HT 72", Holds (10) 1/3 Pans 1 Ea.
TS090HT 90", Holds (12) 1/3 Pans 1 Ea.

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