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Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers

Only ThermalRite Blast Chillers and Freezers feature CypenVac™ Technology, winner of the Kitchen Innovations award, which can reduce energy usage up to 43%. Newly designed, easy-to-use, electronic, touch-screen control panel. Meets the demands of HACCP guidelines for proper food chilling and freezing. 2-year parts & labor warranty; 5-year on compressor (part only).

Model Description Case
GBF143-110S (14) 12"x20" pan cap., 143 lbs. Blast; 110 lbs. Shock 1 Ea.
GBF15-11S (3) 12"x14" pan cap., 15 lbs. Blast; 11 lbs. Shock 1 Ea.
GBF171-132S (17) 12"x20" pan cap., 171 lbs. Blast; 132 lbs. Shock 1 Ea.
GBF242-209ES/CU Condensing Unit (for GBF242-209RS-CPV) 1 Ea.
GBF242-209RSC-220V Roll-In/Self-Cont., (20) 12"x20" pan cap., 242 lbs. Blast; 209 lbs. Shock 1 Ea.
GBF440-385ES Evaporator Kit (coil, elec panel, pipe connection kit) 1 Ea.
GBF440-385ES/CU Condensing Unit (for GBF440-385R) 1 Ea.
GBF440-385R Roll-In, (40) 12"x20" pan cap., 440 lbs. Blast; 385 lbs. Shock 1 Ea.
GBF44-26SP (4) 12"x20" pan cap., 44 lbs. Blast; 26 lbs. Shock 1 Ea.
GBF52-37S (6) 12"x20" pan cap., 52 lbs. Blast; 37 lbs. Shock 1 Ea.
GBF77-55S (10) 12"x20" pan cap., 77 lbs. Blast; 55 lbs. Shock 1 Ea.
GBF837-727ES Evaporator Kit (coil, elec panel, pipe connection kit) 1 Ea.
GBF837-727ES/CU Condensing Unit (for GBF837-727R) 1 Ea.
GBF837-727ES/CU Condensing Unit (for GBF837-727ES) 1 Ea.
GBF837-727R Roll-In, (80) 12"x20" pan cap., 837 lbs. Blast; 727 lbs. Shock 1 Ea.
GBFdoor Pass-Thru Door (for GBF440-385R/GBF837-727R) 1 Ea.
GBFdoor242 Pass-Thru Door (for GBF242-209RS) 1 Ea.
GBFlamp Removable Sterilizer UVC Remote 24V Lamp 1 Ea.
GBFprinter HACCP PM100A Printer Module (available for std. controller models) 1 Ea.
GBFprobe Heated Core Probe 1 Ea.
GBFshelves Plastic Coated Metal Wire Shelf 1 Ea.

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