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Fully Jacketed Gas Kettles

Mounted on 2" legs with adjustable flanged feet. Stainless steel dome shaped cover with drop type handle and insulated knob. Dish shaped interior bottom slopes to the front for smooth product flow. Mounted, tapered, 2" plug type food product draw-off valve includes draw-off opening strainer. Furnished with a 15-psi relief valve, vacuum relief valve, thermostat with combination gas control valve and electronic ignition, low water cut-off control and a pressure limit switch and pressure gauge.

Model Description Case
GL40E 40 gal., 160 qt. cap., 105,000 BTU 1 Ea.
GL80E 80 gal., 320 qt. cap., 135,000 BTU 1 Ea.
GS60E 60 gal., 240 qt. cap., 135,000 BTU 1 Ea.

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