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Synergy Ovens

The Combi Synergy™ Series offers great performance, versatility and features that put you in control. Exclusive Steam On Demand - add steam at any time to intensify the cooking process or add crusts to breads. Smart, simple steam generator has fewer parts for long life and dependability. Simple controls require minimal training and are recessed to provide protection from traffic in a busy kitchen. 180° door opening for easy access. Two speed fan, high speed for general cooking and low speed for baking. Automatic quenching systems use less water to prevent flavor transfer. Nightly auto flush system reduces lime build up. Units can be stacked. ETL and ETL sanitation. Additional features include Exclusive Deliming Indicator Light – Synergy ovens come standard with an indicator light which flashes when it is time to delime the unit. No more guessing. Includes a large container fitted with a hand pump. Simply pump solution into the generator, initiate the process with the flick of a switch, and the unit takes care of the rest. No more need to call for service. Exclusive Optional Semi-Automatic Deliming – This unit connects to your Synergy oven. When you initiate the deliming process, it automatically pumps in the correct amount of solution.

Model Description Case
BC-20G Spec Sheet Gas, Floor Roll-in Model 1 Ea.

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