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Unified Brands-Groen

Eclipse™ Braising Pans

Groen' new classic and advanced electronic controls deliver precise temperatures helping operators achieve maximum cooking consistency and improved food quality while reducing labor and food costs. Both the classic and advanced control panels are IPX6 rated for water resistance. Groen braising pans combine the functions of a skillet and a kettle into one versatile, high-performance, commercial cooking solution. Model BPM-30GA shown. • Available in 10-, 15-, 30- and 40-gallon models. • Electric or gas power options available (TD/FPC is electric only).

Model Description Case
BPM-15EC Electric 15-Gal, manual tilt, 7.6 kW 1 Ea.
BPM-15GC Gas 15-Gal, manual tilt, 65K BTUH 1 Ea.
BPM-30EC Electric 30-Gal, manual tilt, 11.5 kW 1 Ea.
BPM-30GC Gas 30-Gal, manual tilt, 104K BTUH 1 Ea.
BPM-40EC Electric 40-Gal, manual tilt, 15 kW 1 Ea.
BPM-40GC Gas 40-Gal, manual tilt, 144K BTUH 1 Ea.
BPP-30EC Electric 30-Gal, power tilt, 11.5 kW 1 Ea.
BPP-30GC Gas 30-Gal, power tilt, 104K BTUH 1 Ea.
BPP-40EC Electric 40-Gal, power tilt, 15 kW 1 Ea.
BPP-40GC Gas 40-Gal, power tilt, 144K BTUH 1 Ea.
TD/FPC Electric 10-Gal, manual tilt, 6 kW 1 Ea.

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