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Cambro Manufacturing Co.

Camwear® Food Storage Boxes

Eliminate the hazard of cross contamination with Camwear Food Storage Boxes. The smooth surface makes them easy to clean and the texture on the bottom reduces scratching. Snap-tight covers or SlidingLid (sold separately) won’t come off during transportation. Available in clear polycarbonate or natural white polyethylene. Drain shelves and colanders are available along with colander kits for defrosting meats, fish or vegetables.

Model Description Case
12183CW135 Food Box 12x18x3 CW 6 Ea.
12183P148 Food Box 12x18x3 Ply 6 Ea.
12186CW135 Food Box 12x18x6 CW 6 Ea.
12186P148 Food Box 12x18x6 Ply 6 Ea.
12189CW135 Food Box 12x18x9 CW 6 Ea.
12189P148 Food Box 12x18x9 Ply 6 Ea.
1218CCW135 Lid 12x18 CW 6 Ea.
1218CP148 Lid 12x18 Ply 6 Ea.
1218DSCW135 Drain Shelf for 12x18 Box 6 Ea.
1218SCCW135 Sliding Lid 12x18 CW 6 Ea.
182612CW135 Food Box 18x26x12 CW 4 Ea.
182612P148 Food Box 18x26x12 Ply 4 Ea.
182615CW135 Food Box 18x26x15 CW 3 Ea.
182615P148 Food Box 18x26x15 Ply 3 Ea.
18263CW135 Food Box 18x26x3 CW 6 Ea.
18263P148 Food Box 18x26x3 Ply 6 Ea.
18266CW135 Food Box 18x26x6 CW 6 Ea.
18266P148 Food Box 18x26x6 Ply 6 Ea.
18269CW135 Food Box 18x26x9 CW 4 Ea.
18269P148 Food Box 18x26x9 Ply 6 Ea.
1826CCW135 Lid 18x26 CW 6 Ea.
1826CP148 Lid 18x26 Ply 6 Ea.
1826DSCW135 Drain Shelf for 18x26 Box 6 Ea.
1826SCCW135 Sliding Lid 18x26 CW 6 Ea.

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