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G.E.T. Enterprises, LLC


100% BFA-free. NSF certified and made of durable poly-propylene, Eco-Takeouts are stackable, microwave safe, commercial dishwasher safe, and break-resistant. Add your logo, address, and contact information to keep your establishment front and center in your patron’s mind. Models shown: EC-11-JA, EC-12-JA, EC-07-CL.

Model Description Case
EC-01-1- 9"x9", 3-Comp. (Jade, Teal) 1 Doz.
EC-02-1- 9"x9" Single Entree (Clear, Jade) 1 Doz.
EC-04-1- 9"x6.5" Half Size (Clear, Jade) 1 Doz.
EC-06-1- 9"x9" 3-Comp. (Clear, Jade) 1 Doz.
EC-07-1- Soup Container, 12 oz. (Clear, Jade) 1 Doz.
EC-08-1- 4.75"x4.75" Single Entree (Clear, Jade) 2 Doz.
EC-09-1- 9"x9"x3.5" 3-Comp. (Clear, Jade) 1 Doz.
EC-10-1- 9"x9"x3.5" Single Entree (Clear, Jade) 1 Doz.
EC-11-1- 9"x6.5"x2.5" Half Size (Clear, Jade) 1 Doz.
EC-12-1- 9"x9"x2.75" 3-Comp. (Clear, Jade) 1 Doz.
EC-13-1- Soup Container, 16 oz. (Clear, Jade) 1 Doz.

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