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Bar Maid Corporation

Electric Glass Washers & Accessories

Bar Maid Glass Washers get glassware cleaner, faster using less water and chemicals than most other glass washing systems. Install in virtually any bar sink in seconds with no special plumbing or electrical hook-ups. Five spinning brushes scrub inside and out removing tough stuff like lipstick and fruit pulp. Combine with Bar Maid LoSUDS detergent, sanitizer, and test strips and you have the ultimate glass washing system!

Model Description Case
DET-200 Spec Sheet LoSuds Detergent, 4 gal./cs. 4 Cs.
DIS-201 Spec Sheet Sanitizer Tablets, 6 bottles/cs, 150 tabs/bottle 6 Cs.
DIS-202 Spec Sheet Quaternary Strips, 12 disp/cs, 100 tests/disp 12 Cs.
DIS-302 Spec Sheet Chlorinated Strips, 12 disp/cs, 100 tests/disp 12 Cs.

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