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Food Storage Bags On A Roll

FoodHandler food storage bags on a roll simplify the process of food prep and storage while minimizing the risk of serving out-of-date foods. The foods you serve stay fresh and organized. Available in a variety of sizes. Features • Clear, low density polyethylene.  • Simple perforated roll pack dispensing.  • Available in 16 sizes for all of your bag needs. Benefits • Keeps food fresh longer.  • NSF certified ensures that bags are safe for food contact and produced in clean, inspected manufacturing locations.  • Safe to refrigerate.

Model Description Case
20-FS1014 10x14 Food & Utility Storage Bags 1000 Cs
20-FS10824 10x8x24 Lg. Poultry Bags 200 Cs
20-FS12830 12x8x30 Lg. Turkey Bags 200 Cs
20-FS1824 18x24 Lg. Storage Bags 200 Cs
20-FS2135 21x6x35 Bun Pan Cover Bags 200 Cs
20-FS4212 4x2x12 Quart Freezer Bags 1000 Cs
20-FS428 4x2x8 Pint Freezer Bags 1000 Cs
20-FS5415 5 1/2x4 3/4x15 Med. Bread Bags 1000 Cs
20-FS5418 5x4x18 Lg. Bread Bags 1000 Cs
20-FS5419 5 1/2x4 3/4x19 Lg. Bread Bags 1000 Cs
20-FS6312 6x3x12 Food & Utility Storage Bags 1000 Cs
20-FS6315 6x3x15 Broiler Meat Bags 1000 Cs
20-FS69 6 1/2x9 Std. Storage Bags 1000 Cs
20-FS8315 8x3x15 Poultry Bags 1000 Cs
20-FS8320 8x3x20 Produce Bags 1000 Cs
20-FS8418 8x4x18 Lg. Roaster Bags 1000 Cs

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