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Cambro Manufacturing Co.

StoreSafe Food Rotation Labels

100% dissolvable and biodegradable labels eliminate sticky residue and prevent cross contamination. Label and adhesive dissolve in less than 30 seconds through any dishwasher or under hot or cold running water. Safe for all sewer and septic systems with no build up in drains. Use pen, pencil or marker to write in contents and use-by-date before applying to dry container. Withstands high heat temperatures up to 200°F for 4 hours. Microwave safe. FDA approved for indirect food contact.

Model Description Case
1252SLB250 Bulk Disp 1-1/4"x2" Labels, 250 labels/roll 24 Cs.
23SL Blister Pk 2"x3" Labels, 100 labels/roll 20 Cs.
23SLB250 Bulk Disp 2"x3" Labels, 250 labels/roll 24 Cs.
23SLB6250 Bulk Disp 2"x3" Labels, 250 labels/roll 6 Cs.

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