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Cambro Manufacturing Co.

Camduction® Complete Heat System

The durable and consistent solution for heat retention. Designed to perform consistently under the most demanding conditions of healthcare foodservice. Revolutionary technology featuring unparalleled long-term heat retention, durability, and reliability. Camduction Charger is made of high-grade, durable stainless steel that remains cool to the touch. Consistently charges 20 Camduction bases in 4 minutes, providing a hot base every 12 seconds! Model MDSCDCP9000 shown.

Model Description Case
MDSCDB9110 Camduction Base 12 Ea.
MDSCDCP9000 Charges 20 pellets, 30"Wx34-3/8"Hx18-7/8"D 1 Ea.
MDSCDL9110 Camduction Pellet Liner (Black) 12 Ea.
MDSCDL9480 Camduction Pellet Liner (Spk Grey) 12 Ea.
MDSCDL9487 Camduction Pellet Liner (Cranberry) 12 Ea.
MDSCDL9497 Camduction Pellet Liner (Navy) 12 Ea.
MDSCDP9110 Camduction Pellet 12 Ea.
MDSD9110 Insulated Dome (Black) 12 Ea.
MDSD9447 Insulated Dome (Meadow) 12 Ea.
MDSD9457 Insulated Dome (Wheat) 12 Ea.
MDSD9480 Insulated Dome (Spk Grey) 12 Ea.
MDSD9487 Insulated Dome (Cranberry) 12 Ea.
MDSD9497 Insulated Dome (Navy) 12 Ea.
MDSPLT9148 9" Ceramic Plate 24 Cs.

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