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Cambro Manufacturing Co.

H-Series Ultra Pan Carrier & Camcart

Enables HACCP compliance by maintaining safe, hot food temperatures for up to 4 hours when unplugged. Serving portion capacities range from 160 in the UPCH400 to 720 in the UPCH1600. Gentle, 150° to 165°F heat will not cook food and maintains food moisture. 60-minute preheat time from room temperature. UPCH400 models stack for storage or transporting on a Camdolly® with securing strap. Heated door kits also sold separately to retrofit UPC400, UPC800, and UPC1600. ENERGY STAR®.

Model Description Case
UPCH1600110 Camcart, 2-Comp., 640-720 Svgs (28-3/4"x33-3/8"x54-1/8") 1 Ea.
UPCH400110 Pan Carrier, 1-Comp., 160-180 Svgs (18-1/8"x26-3/8"x24-7/9") 1 Ea.
UPCH800110 Camcart, 2-Comp., 320-260 Svgs (20-1/2"x27-1/8"x54") 1 Ea.

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