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Food Warmers

The unique insulation design of the FW-S600 cooker/warmer heats frozen food in just 20 minutes while the workhorse of kitchens everywhere, the FW-S500 warmer, takes just 10 minutes to heat up; both keep food warm during busy service hours. With an upgraded tubing for enhanced stability, the EHL-2 freestanding heat lamp is fitted with two Shat-R-Shield® bulbs to keep foods warm without over drying. The cool-to-the-touch double wall construction of the 10 quart ESW-66 electric soup warmer is an attractive and practical solution for any self-service counter.

Model Description Case
FW-S500 Electric Warmer, 1200W 1 Ea.
FW-S600 Electric Cooker/Warmer, 1500W 1 Ea.

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