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Unified Brands-Randell

Electric Hot Food Tables

Heavy duty, fully assembled, stainless steel hot food tables are designed for the most demanding applications. Available in electric, wet/dry, individual well, and electric wet water bath models. Options include counter protectors, enclosed back (for island configurations), tray slides, casters, and overshelves. Die stamped individual 12”x20” raised sanitary rim openings. Each well has its own thermostatic control for accurate food temperature.

Model Description Case
3512-120 1 Ea.
3513-120 1 Ea.
3514-120 1 Ea.
3515-120 1 Ea.
3612-120 1 Ea.
3613-120 1 Ea.
3614-120 1 Ea.
3615-120 1 Ea.

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