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Hatco Foodservice Equipment

Glo-Ray® Narrow Halogen Strip Heaters

Attractive unobtrusive slim line strip heaters are only 2.13" high and 4" deep, making your food the center of attention. The halogen heat lamp bulb is controlled by a dimmer switch and comes with non-adjustable 1.5" angle brackets.Sturdy continuous painted steel housings available in widths from 18" to 72".

Model Description Case
GRN4-18 18"W 1 Ea.
GRN4-24 24"W 1 Ea.
GRN4-30 30"W 1 Ea.
GRN4-36 36"W 1 Ea.
GRN4-42 42"W 1 Ea.
GRN4-48 48"W 1 Ea.
GRN4-54 54"W 1 Ea.
GRN4-60 60"W 1 Ea.
GRN4-66 66"W 1 Ea.
GRN4-72 72"W 1 Ea.
GRN4L-24 24"W w/Lights 1 Ea.
GRN4L-30 30"W w/Lights 1 Ea.
GRN4L-36 36"W w/Lights 1 Ea.
GRN4L-42 42"W w/Lights 1 Ea.
GRN4L-48 48"W w/Lights 1 Ea.
GRN4L-54 54"W w/Lights 1 Ea.
GRN4L-60 60"W w/Lights 1 Ea.
GRN4L-66 66"W w/Lights 1 Ea.
GRN4L-72 72"W w/Lights 1 Ea.

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