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Hatco Foodservice Equipment

Heated Zone Merchandisers

Energy and costs are reduced with Spot On® technology. Instant-on overhead heat and base heat goes from energy-saving mode to thermostatically controlled ONLY when product is placed on the shelf. Side glass is hinged to the post and swings out for easy cleaning. Magnetic channel dividers can be rearranged for any product mix. Model HZMS-48D shown with optional LED accent lighting in support posts.

Model Description Case
HZMH-24 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 28"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-24D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 28"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-30 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 34"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-30D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 34"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-36 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 40"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-36D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 40"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-42 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 46"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-42D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 46"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-48 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 52"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-48D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 52"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-54 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 58"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-54D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 58"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-60 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 64"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMH-60D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 64"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-24 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 28"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-24D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 28"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-30 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 34"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-30D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 34"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-36 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 40"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-36D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 40"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-42 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 46"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-42D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 46"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-48 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 52"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-48D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 52"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-54 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 58"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-54D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 58"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-60 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 64"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HZMS-60D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 64"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.

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