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Paderno/World Cuisine

Cast-Iron Grills

The heavy grooved cast-iron surface retains heat and guarantees quick and flawless grilling. Choose from traditional square, rectangular, oval, round or our unique shaped fish grill, perfect for braising or searing an entire fish, and our steak grill is suited for grilling steaks with its single looped handle and small drainage spout.

Model Description Case
A1732730 Fish, 11-7/8"x9-1/2" 1 Ea.
A1732736 Steak, 14-1/4"x8-5/8" 1 Ea.
A1733726 Round, 10-1/4" 1 Ea.
A1733735 Oval, 13-3/4"x7-7/8" 1 Ea.
A1733736 Rectangle, 14-1/4"x8-1/8" 1 Ea.
A1733746 Oval, 18-3/8"x9" 1 Ea.

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