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Hot Food Cabinets, G-Series

Even holding temps means better product quality and reduced shrink—less food cost. ENERGY STAR® means lower utility bills. Microprocessor control for greater accuracy and reliability. All-metal heating element means reduced lifetime service costs. Gasket and door pan design reduces replacement frequency. Self-closing/stay open doors provide operator convenience. Factory installed shelving saves installation time and money. Warranty: One year parts & labor, lifetime door handle & hinge, ten year door.

Model Description Case
G14300 1-Section Solid Half Door, HR 1 Ea.
G14301 1-Section Solid Half Door, HL 1 Ea.
G14302P 1-Section Solid Half Door (Pass-Thru), FHR/RHR 1 Ea.
G14303P 1-Section Solid Half Door (Pass-Thru), FHR/RHL 1 Ea.
G14304P 1-Section Solid Half Door (Pass-Thru), FHL/RHL 1 Ea.
G14305P 1-Section Solid Half Door (Pass-Thru), FHL/RHR 1 Ea.
G14310 1-Section Solid Full Door, HR 1 Ea.
G14311 1-Section Solid Full Door, HL 1 Ea.
G14312P 1-Section Solid Full Door (Pass-Thru), FHR/RHR 1 Ea.
G14313P 1-Section Solid Full Door (Pass-Thru), FHR/RHL 1 Ea.
G14314P 1-Section Solid Full Door (Pass-Thru), FHL/RHL 1 Ea.
G14315P 1-Section Solid Full Door (Pass-Thru), FHL/RHR 1 Ea.
G24300 2-Section Solid Half Door, HL/R 1 Ea.
G24302 2-Section Solid Half Door, HR/R 1 Ea.
G24303 2-Section Solid Half Door, HL/L 1 Ea.
G24304P 2-Section Solid Half Door (Pass-Thru), FHLR/RHLR 1 Ea.
G24305P 2-Section Solid Half Door (Pass-Thru), FHLL/RHLL 1 Ea.
G24307P 2-Section Solid Half Door (Pass-Thru), FHRR/RHRR 1 Ea.
G24310 2-Section Solid Full Door, HL/R 1 Ea.
G24312 2-Section Solid Full Door, HR/R 1 Ea.
G24313 2-Section Solid Full Door, HL/L 1 Ea.
G24314P 2-Section Solid Full Door (Pass-Thru), FHLR/RHLR 1 Ea.
G24315P 2-Section Solid Full Door (Pass-Thru), FHLL/RHLL 1 Ea.
G24317P 2-Section Solid Full Door (Pass-Thru), FHRR/RHRR 1 Ea.