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Scrubble, Division of ACS Industries, Inc.

Grease Filters

NSF single thickness sheets, double thickness envelopes, disc and cone filters. Specifically designed to extend shortening life by filtering out breading, carbon deposits and other minute particles from the oil. These Filters are simple to use and are the strongest, longest lasting available. We utilize high quality synthetic non-woven material in our #2 super flow and #3 standard flow varieties. Our #4 is made from 44 lb. crepe paper and our #5 is 50 lb. Scrubble also carries Filter Cones, Holders and Filter Powder to complete the line.

Model Description Case
A1113E4 Auto Filter Env., 11"x13" w/ 7⁄8" hole 2 sides 100 Cs.
A1200/D4 Auto Filter Disc, 12" Dia. w/3" slot 100 Cs.
A1217S3 Auto Filter Sheet, 12-1⁄2"x17-3⁄4" 100 Cs.
A1415E4 Auto Filter Env., 14"x15" with 7⁄8" hole 2 sides 100 Cs.
A1416E4 Auto Filter Env., 14"x16" with 7⁄8" hole 2 sides 100 Cs.
A1418E4 Auto Filter Env., 14"x18" with 1-1⁄2" hole 100 Cs.
A1421E4 Auto Filter Env., 14"x22" with 1-1⁄2" hole std. paper 100 Cs.
A1422E3 Auto Filter Env., 14"x22" with 1-1⁄2" hole 100 Cs.
A1422E4 Auto Filter Env., 14"x22" with 1-1/2" hole 100 Cs.
A1423S4 Auto Filter Sheet, 14-3⁄4"x23-1⁄8" 100 Cs.
A1575D4 Auto Filter Disc, 15-3⁄4" Dia. (no hole) 100 Cs.
A1618S4 Auto Filter Sheet, 16-3⁄8"x18-3⁄8" 100 Cs.
A1624S4 Auto Filter Sheet, 16-3⁄8"x24-3⁄8" 100 Cs.
A1625S3 Auto Filter Sheet, 16-1⁄2"x25-1⁄2" 100 Cs.
A1718E4 Auto Filter Env., 17-3⁄4"x18-3⁄4" with 1-1⁄2" hole 100 Cs.
A1722E4 Auto Filter Env., 17"x22-1⁄2" with 3⁄4" hole 100 Cs.
A1728S5 Auto Filter Sheet, 17-1⁄2"x28" 100 Cs.
A1820E5 Auto Filter Env., 18-1⁄2"x20-1⁄2" w/ 1-1⁄2" 100 Cs.
A1825D4 Auto Filter Disc, 18-1⁄4" Dia. w/1-5⁄8" hole 100 Cs.
A2133S3 Auto Filter Sheet, 21"x33-1/2" 100 Cs.
A2150D4 Auto Filter Disc, 21-1⁄2" Dia. (no hole) 100 Cs.
A2178D4 Auto Filter Disc, 21-7⁄8" Dia. w/1-5⁄8" hole 100 Cs.
AFC-10-50 Manual Filter, 10" Regular Cone 10 Cs.
AFC-13 Manual Filter, 13" Regular Cone 100 Cs.
AFCH-1 10" Cone Holder 1 Ea.