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Brooms & Mops

Natural Fiber Corn Brooms constructed of 100% corn fiber. Or choose blends, which are made up of corn fiber on the outside and stiffer Yucca fiber on the inside. Angle Brooms constructed of flagged synthetic filaments are perfect for retail stores, foodservice, offices and general cleaning. Each broom comes protected with a poly sleeve. Available in full upright or shorter lobby type. Scubble's Rayon and Blend Mops are very durable and provide quick absorption. Choose wood handle or high strength fiberglass. Each features non-corrosive hardware.

Model Description Case
B404 32# Warehouse Corn Broom (Blend) 2 Cs.
B406 28# Warehouse Corn Broom (Blend) 2 Cs.
B408 18# Maids Corn Broom (Blend) 12 Cs.
B410 16# Maids Corn Broom (Blend) 12 Cs.
B410A Plastic Large 12" Angle Broom 12 Cs.
B441L Plastic Small 7 1/2" Angle Broom 12 Cs.
M8702 Cotton Blend Natural, Med. 12 Cs.
M8703 Cotton Blend Natural, Large 12 Cs.
M8706 Blue Blend Wide Band, Med. 12 Cs.
M8707 Blue Blend Wide Band, Large 12 Cs.
M8824 Rayon Wide Band, Large 12 Cs.
M8910 Wood Handle 12 Cs.
M8911 Plastic Quick Change Fiberglass Handle (5 color-safe endcaps also available) 12 Cs.